How to Get a Job in Dubai (UAE)

By Zaheer Fazal

In just over 30 years, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has transformed itself into a desert fishing village into one of the world's tourist hotspots. With all year sunshine, magnificent hotels, sandy beaches and an incredible lifestyle, this city is not only a playground for the super rich it is a city that boats a vibrancy and multiculturalism. We will look at methods of how you can get a job in Dubai.

The Dubai property boom as well as its tourist industry firmly put the emirate on the map and as a global destination and as a result, people want to move, live and work here. Moving to another country can always be hard so it's quite helpful to know a few things that may help you obtain work. Below are a few tips;
Carry out your research on job agencies before you get to Dubai. If you are visiting Dubai on a vacation or a short-term holiday then it's a good idea to try and get your due diligence carried our beforehand. The internet is the best initial starting point to identify agencies that focus on your industry sector.

Prepare a CV to Dubai standard. This will ensure that you are presented as best as can be. These often differ slightly from your standard UK CV or American resume.

High Paying Job Sectors in Dubai

By Fahd Mogul

Dubai has become one of the top destination by foreign expatriates. Due to luxurious lifestyle and tax-free salaries it has become a dream destination especially for westerns. Due to flexible economic arrangements in the region lots of multinational firms have established branches in Dubai.

If you are looking for taking a new start in Dubai then following is given a list of different sectors that have great potential for high paying job opportunities in Dubai.

Jobs in the Financial Sector:
Due to the reality that Dubai has a booming economy many multinational banks are basing their branches around the region. As a result professionals with finance background and experience have lots of opportunities and can find best jobs in banks within Dubai. People in finance sector are being paid really well for their skills and experience and Dubai has become a dream destination especially for veteran banking professionals.

Best Dubai Jobs

By James Michalle

Dubai is arguably the most attractive destination for job seekers who want a job in the gulf. Though Dubai built its economy in the 70s and later on oil and natural gas, today oil constitutes only 6% of its economy. The larger share of the economy is taken by real estate and construction (22.6%), trade (16%) and financial services (11%). With such diverse fields taking much of economy, and growing at a fast pace, Dubai attracts a lot of job seekers.

Construction Jobs in Dubai
In construction, the in-demand jobs are: Project architect, site supervisor, site surveyor, architectural draftsman and such. These are all skilled jobs, and their pay is comparable to those paid in the first world. Some of the less skilled jobs are: plumber, carpenter, electrician, mason and painter. There are a lot of other jobs that are available in construction. The job of the construction worker is also prized because of the high pay, especially when compared to countries such as Pakistan and India.

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